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WHC Engenharia offers its customers a variety of services that are divided into 3 sectors, Consulting, Maintenance and DTH Testing.



WHC Engenharia provides consultancy to its clients, assisting in the whole process, from development according to specifications, production mode and ensuring the quality of the final product. The consulting services we provide are as follows:


  • Site Survey;

  • Installation of Satellite, Radio and RF Communication Systems in general;

  • Interfering Signal Tests;

  • Development of Dedicated Projects;

  • Equipment Automation;



WHC Engenharia is an authorized Comtech Xicom Service Center, which can perform maintenance of equipment under warranty, out of warranty, in Brazil and throughout South America.

We are UHP Networks Authorized Service Center and can perform warranty and non-warranty equipment maintenance in Brazil.



In Corrective and Preventive Equipment Maintenance, we work with all RF line equipment at component level:

  • HPA's;

  • Up converters;

  • Down Converters;

  • modulators;

  • encoders;

  • receivers;

  • Satellite dishes of transmission;

  • GPS antennas;

  • LNBF's Professionals;

  • Digital Radios;

  • Modems;

We perform maintenance on equipment of all brands.

Testes DTH

DTH test

WHC Engenharia is a Telefonica / Vivo accredited laboratory for conducting Homologation and Acceptance testing of DTH devices.

DTH is the abbreviation of the English term direct to home. It is a mode of transmission of digital satellite television.


We perform tests on DTH devices, we test all devices in the line, we perform pre-approval testing to verify all specification parameters before the product is submitted for approval. With affordable prices and fast deadlines



We perform Homologation and Acceptance tests of DTH or C-Band products.


We have our field of antennas over 250m, where we perform electrical tests of various size satellite dishes, UHF antennas, and mechanical resistance tests on antennas.

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